Evilzone - Hacking and Security

Hey there

You are probably wondering what's going on. That's fair.

But unfortunately I don't really have any clear answer for you.

The old web server crashed a while back and left Evilzone unreachable.

I wanted something to be on here, so I hacked together a quick page.

Then I found myself working on it a bit from time to time.

Where this is going, I don't know. But I am having some fun and experimenting with cool web tech and are basically figuring things out as I go.

There will probably not be a huge forum and IRC community again.

At the moment I am thinking of setting up some sort of CTF and / or security challenges.

Perhaps with a few additional services like file- and image upload, pastebin, crypto- and network tools, blog etc.

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You can help out by donating a few bucks on our Patreon page.

I made a silly 1000$ a month goal that says the following:
Reopening of the forums and IRC with all databases merged for some epic chaos.

Which is obviously a crazy amount, but I am very much serious.

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