Evilzone - Hacking and Security - About


Evilzone used to have a forum, file hosting, multiple IRC servers and more. But due to lack of people, time and resources we are now focusing more on delivering services.

For now Evilzone will mostly provide fun and educational hacking and security related challenges, with more services coming later.

Here are some services we would like to create:

  • Hacking and security related challenges
  • File and image hosting
  • Pastebin with various privacy and security features
  • Tools library
  • Online cryptography tools
  • Online networking tools


Evilzone is purely funded by donations.

We use Patreon to receive donations.
This way you dont have to trust us with any personal or financial information.

Patreon is a website where you can donate to registered websites and artists.
You can donate any amount you want, and you can do it once or montly.

Some content may be for donators only.
Donations will also increese the time and resources we can spend on the website, which means more content for you!

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