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Mobile Hacking / hacking mobile phone over Bluetooth
« on: November 10, 2011, 02:24:19 pm »

hacking mobile phone over Bluetooth is quit a heavy task.

three things are needed for it.
  • knowledge about Bluetooth network.
  • A series of AT commands on which the radio network work.
  • how to get control over the phone....

i am a python programmer so the program i will show over python.

but first thing first i.e to know how bluetooth network work.
for this you can visit ove link

secondly knowin AT command on which radio network work.This can
be found on the NET or you can download and read the book
Telit_AT_Commands_Reference_Guide from the link

here is a simple python program to make a call from mobile device

from your pc.

from bluetooth import *
print near
for s in near:
    print count+1,":",lookup_name(s)
n=int(input("choose your device index"))
    str=raw_input("number you want to call")
    str="ATD +91"+str+";\r"
    print c.recv(100)
    print c.recv(100)
    print c.recv(100)

this program is run with python 2.6 interpreater and
bluz extention

the last about gaining access.Actually I have not found
any method to gain the access with out user notice. The
best thing i do is i promise the user of phone to give
a good ringtone or something like that and turn on always acceses

if any one knows any beter way to gain access without notice
then please inform me soon.Oviously we can do many more
only you need to know more of those AT commands and their

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