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News and Announcements / Re: Quick-reply field fix
« on: December 02, 2011, 09:46:50 pm »
2012? The beginning of the end?

Hacking and Security / Re: Virtual Machines and Malware
« on: December 02, 2011, 01:02:33 am »
Nearly all anti-VM just detects it.

So most just detect it and decide what to do if it is running in a VM? (Like choosing to stop running for example?)

News and Announcements / Re: Quick-reply field fix
« on: December 01, 2011, 06:44:11 pm »
We can, but not sure how much work we are willing to put into this board. As a few already know, we are working on something big. No need to put any more effort into this system.

Sounds cool, any ETA on the project?

Hacking and Security / Virtual Machines and Malware
« on: December 01, 2011, 06:16:33 am »
I was wondering if anyone here is knowledgeable about Virtual Machines - in particular the "Anti-VM" code/techniques that a lot of malicious software uses.
  • Will "Anti-VM" code/techniques usually allow malware to be able to break out of the VM? Or does it just detect the VM and not run.
  • If both, which one is more prevalent?
  • What are the ways malware can break out of VM's, and how can they be stopped.
What I hope to find is a good configuration/tips for testing malware in VM environments by understanding the inner workings and exploits Anti-VM code my make use of, many people think virtual environments allow you to run malware isolated and therefore leaving the main machine unaffected, but this is not the case.

I was able to find this link:

Some tips listed are:
Disable x86 virtualization
Disable networking on VM
Disable shared folders/file sharing between Host and VM

I would like to hear more from someone thing more experience in this however, so does anyone have experience with Anti-VM code/techniques and know details of how they work?

Hacking and Security / Re: Assembly, the best language?
« on: July 02, 2011, 12:25:16 am »
There is no "best" language.

Assembly is essentially putting the binary that the CPU reads line by line into single line instructions that are more easily read for humans.

Compilers for other languages will convert instructions given to them into multiple lines of assembly and then the assembly is turned into binary and linked up to necessary libraries.

It is good for optimization, but not if you are doing a big project, you can also use Assembly within some languages to optimize certain parts of a program.

Trade offs are that it is extremely tedious to work with and even adding two numbers together which would be one line in a higher language would be multiple lines long in assembly and you will have to deal with where the values are stored and more. It is also useful to know when trying to reverse a program (given the binary of an executable, find out what it does by getting the assembly).

Hacking and Security / Re: website or game?
« on: July 01, 2011, 10:28:33 pm »
So it's a game within a game?

And you want to steal passwords from the game?

Probably beyond your level, but depending on how secure the website is you could try either SQLi or a XSS.

C - C++ / Re: C++ Web browser help pls
« on: June 07, 2011, 04:14:24 am »
Maybe look up using webkit

General discussion / Re: Hacking & Security section rewamp
« on: June 03, 2011, 11:42:18 pm »
I like it! Although some of the sub forums listed may be spreading your topics too thin.

General discussion / Re: Logo
« on: June 03, 2011, 06:47:23 pm »
I dont really like it

General discussion / Re: Windows 8
« on: June 02, 2011, 05:24:21 am »
Looks dumb. They are overdoing it(once again?). The OS's these days are getting to user friendly and the developers are stuffing more behind the scenes stuff under the carpet. Which is great if you are 40 and have never touched a computer. But I am not.

Yeah I really wish Microsoft would stop trying to be other companies and just be themselves. They are  going for a more controlled more user-friendly OS a la Apple. Haven't they learned anything? Windows 7 was a huge success, why throw it away for a look more similar to Windows 7 Phones, which are doing horrible in the market?

It is kind of like the 360, they had a awesome great UI, then they changed it into a clusterfuck of menus and advertisements with a bunch of Wii ripoff crap.

If Win8 takes a significant hold of adapters we might see a bigger move to Linux.

General discussion / Windows 8
« on: June 02, 2011, 05:11:03 am »

Thoughts? These are huge changes, looks like it would be good for tablets, but I sure as hell wont want to use this for my desktop.

Email and Username Tips for Maintaining Search Anonymity(Sorry that's a mouthful)

Disclaimer: This Tutorial will not help you maintain technical anonymity, people can still track you through IP and other methods. This tutorial is for maintaining anonymity from people dropping dox on you or tracking you via search engines.

By Tsar @ Evilzone
Remake/Updated Version of an old Tutorial

Now a days it is easy for anyone, given a few slivers of information, acquire a multitude of information on their victim's online presence and personal life. What this means is that with some simple googling you can easily find out a LOT about a person. I'm going to teach you a simple method for maintaining anonymity from these types of attacks. Remember the biggest footprint most people leave is the human one.

So how can you make sure that a person cannot do a quick google of your username or email and find out everything about you? It is simple, by maintaining a multitude of online personas based on the amount of anonymity you want to retain. You want to keep your presence on the internet separated as much as possible. The easiest thing to track is an email, especially if it is used for registering at every website a person frequents.

What I highly suggest you do is maintain a few emails for various purposes as described below:

1. Public Email
This email you use for anything where you don't care about having anonymity, for example, Facebook, where your using your full name and real info, or really anything where you have to enter in or are known by your real name, address, or any other sensitive info (amazon/ebay/college/jobs,etc).

2. Semi-Public Email
This is the email you use to maintain a slight cover of anonymity. If you are part of a community where you don't want to maintain full anonymity, for example a WoW guild that you have been in for years or something like that, maybe you have posted a few pics on a "post your mug thread", etc. You are not trying to be fully anonymous, but you are not sending everyone your home address either. RL friends may know you as this username as well as online people. Just don't give out your full name or exact address, facebook, etc to websites or people you don't trust.

3. Anonymous Email
This is the email you use for remaining anonymous, you don't post or connect any personal or semipersonal info they could lead you to yourself in real life. Perhaps you want to sign up and be an active part of a website that you don't want connected to yourself through a search, such as hacking or porn or something, then you use this email. Also I suggest not registering on too many websites with this one email, it increases your chances of being caught or linked with other websites on the net. You may want to make multiple of these depending on how many websites you wish to be anonymous on. Leave NO personal info about who you are when doing this.

4. Junk/Quick Sign-Up Email
This is a junk email that you use for quick registering of websites that require registration but really shouldn't. This way you don't get a bunch of spam or random websites linked back to you that you may of only signed up for just to view something private quickly.

Master Email
This is the most important email, you will set all the other email addresses to forward everything sent to them to this one. You may chose not to link the junk/quick-sign up email to you, and maybe not the anonymous ones either depending on what you are doing with them. Once you do this you will only have to log into your master email to check the email's of all your email accounts at once. You do not release or use this email to sign up anywhere or give it out to people. This is advantageous because If one of your email password is hacked they will not have control of the master account (because you haven't used it to sign up anywhere) so it will be easy to regain control of the account. In addition it allows you to manage all your accounts and personas at once.

Now when you sign up for something use different usernames based on which email you are using to sign up. Here are some example usernames:

For example for someone named 'John Smith', who uses the username 'Dark666':

1. Personal Email - / JSmith
2. Semi-Personal Email - / Dark666
3. Anonymous Email - / TheHacker
4. Don't-Care Email - / dontcare1342

There you go you are all set, the more personas and security levels you create the harder it will be to track you on the internet. Even if the find your semi-personal email/accounts they most likely won't be able to find your full name, address, or facebook. With your anonymous persona they most likely wont be able to find anything besides maybe other sites you may have registered with that persona.

1. ALWAYS check "Hide Email" when registering for websites
2. Pick a very common name especially for your anonymous personas. Try searching for "Odin" on google, you will get MILLIONS of results. However if I search say "Odin914" I only get about 60 results.
3. NEVER use the master email to sign up for anything.
4. Release personal information accordingly to the security levels mapped out above, remember one leak in personal information and someone could possibly link two online personas together and are one step closer to finding more about you.
5. Choose your passwords wisely, you can most likely make all your sub-email's passwords very strong, considering you won't be needing to log into them again once they are set up under the master.
6. ALWAYS get privacy protection when registering for domain names (THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT!), even if it costs a little extra.
7. Sometimes it is good to leave false information to lead them even further from yourself. However if you do a bad job or if you are inconsistent within security levels it will be obvious.

That is all, good luck. If you followed this tutorial and follow the rules listed then it will be very hard for someone to track you via search engine or drop your dox. Most people are easy to track because they use at most 1 or 2 usernames and the same email for everything.

I need to get back in to shape, I haven't gained any weight for years but would like some more muscle. My plan is pretty simple. My goals for this summer is to do something coding related and workout everyday.

How I plan to motivate myself:
Basically when I want to do a random task I will force myself to do a set of some excersize before proceeding. For example, whenever I am about to play a game or start a new match I will do a set of something or other and not allow myself to play until I complete it. So if I do 10 matches of starcraft that will translate into a lot of working out but won't feel like I am really doing a lot of working out because I will mostly be playing SC. Or say I am watching TV, everytime these is a commercial I will work out until it comes back on. Will also keep track in excel to make myself more accountable. I'll see how this goes. :)

I have pretty strong will power so hopefully this goes well.

Hacking and Security / Re: Omegle Vulnerability
« on: May 28, 2011, 10:23:53 pm »
last time i checked was atleast 6 months ago i think and even then it was barely working. was mostly disconnecting. but i've tried it and it was pretty cool to control ppl.
Maybe there is an updated version out, my friend showed me a chat log he had from yesterday

Hacking and Security / Re: Omegle Vulnerability
« on: May 28, 2011, 08:48:20 am »
Waiting for my friend to come online again to post more info

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