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Scripting languages / [Bash]Colors not taking effect
« on: January 30, 2014, 09:03:21 am »
Code: [Select]


capacity=`cat /sys/class/power_supply/BAT0/capacity`
if (($capacity <= 25));

status=`cat /sys/class/power_supply/BAT0/status`

if [[ "$status" = "Discharging" ]]

echo "<span>$capacity%</span> <span>$status</span>"
Not exactly sure why, but the colors are supposed to affect the arrows, and they do not.

Hacking and Security / Encryption software
« on: January 30, 2014, 01:10:57 am »
I'm looking for a new encryption software to use for linux. I used to use truecrypt but I don't trust it. I have ctriterion which the software should fulfill. The most important one probably is that I want to be able to chose the algorithm. So many seem to use AES 256 and I'd prefer to use something else, like twofish. Other then thatI'd like to be able to use keyfiles. Tomb looks really good in that regard. It also have a steganography function to hide your keyfiles further. Tomb also uses AES 256. I've checked out ECryptFS but wasn't terribly excited about it.

Leaning towards Tomb because it has more features I like then dislike. What do you people use?

Scripting languages / I hate to ask
« on: January 29, 2014, 04:37:52 am »
Ok, I really REALLY hate to do this, but yes, I am starting a thread asking for recommendations on which scripting language to learn. The debate is between Perl and Python. I've done all sorts of research on pros and cons of both, but I can't really decide. Here's some general info on what I want to do with it:

- Coding servers
- Coding back connect scripts
- Coding GUIs(eventually)
- Pretty much general networking stuff

Now, I have always been avoidant of Python because of a few reasons. One of those reasons is that everyone codes everything in it and all I ever see is Python scripts, and I'm sort of a hipster in that regard. I know that shouldn't matter, but it does. Another reason for avoiding Python is that I want to avoid getting stuck using Python for everything because it's easy, which seems to happen to a lot of people. Yet another is, well, syntactic whitespacing.

Perl, on the other hand, does indeed have some pretty ugly syntax, and sigils are defintely a thing to get used to. I've also jumped between many languages due to some SEVERE language ADD and I'm tired of it. I could be so much farther then I am if it weren't for that. So, one reason I find Python attractive is because it is simple and I want to get to coding useful applications sooner then later. Seems Python would be better then Perl in that regard.

I'm aware that it's mostly a matter of taste considering that they are both scripted languages and can mostly do the same things, but there are certainly differences. For example I hear that Python is better for coding GUIs. I hear Perl is better for *nix tasks. I hear Perl is better for web server-side stuff. I don't know which language would be better for networking related tasks, but I've heard Python would be better for this.

I can already guess that most people here will recommend Python because it is there favorite language and because it is easy to learn, but please try and be objective about this.

Oh and no, I will not appreciate anyone recommending Ruby instead of either of these. I'm having enough trouble with my indecisiveness as it is thank you.

Hacking and Security / Intentionally open ports on router
« on: January 16, 2014, 07:28:07 am »
How dangerous is it for me to open up a port on my router(6882), and then forward that port directly to my personal computer? It's for torrenting purposes. A private tracker I've joined requires me to do this in order to seed properly, and it sounds extremely unsafe to me.

Also, a different private tracker I've been on for some time never required me to do this, so I was just wondering.

Hacking and Security / Lockpickers Only
« on: January 15, 2014, 06:19:51 am »
I'm having a locking problem seldom mentioned when people talk about lockpicking. Let's see if I can explain myself clearly here. This problem doesn't happen with all locks, but it seems to happen to a fair few. Most people seem to start from the back of the lock and work their way forward. Don't know if it's the right way or not but it's always seemed to make sense to me so that's what I've always tried.

I'll try and use an example of a semi-recent experience.

I was picking my cutaway lock, and I was going for the only pin left; the pin in the back. As I would try to push the pin up, I noticed that the 'arm' of the pick was pushing the middle pins up too high and was pushing the key pins past the sheer line. Simple as that. On this particular lock, I was able to use a more pointed pick to remedy the solution. However, on a different lock(not cutaway) that didn't work. The pick was too pointed and it wouldn't even fit underneath the pin. I also find it hard to believe that it's just a matter of the pick. This is a problem I seem to be encountering particularly often and I find it frustrating that such a common problem is largely not spoken of AFAIK.

So, do any seasoned lockpicks here know how to fix this? It must have something to do with tension but I can't figure out how exactly.

P.S. Please tell me if my problem is unclear. Thanks.

General discussion / It begins again.
« on: January 14, 2014, 04:12:06 am »
My unbearable lack of motivation to do anything. It seems to align perfectly with starting school. Up until school started I was quite excited to do all sorts of productive things. Things like: coding, breaking my Windows machine, breaking the webserver on my debian VM, breaking my neighbors wifi in hopes that they decide to stop using WEP, breaking into the practice lock that I haven't already picked yet, breaking into my own house.... you get the idea. Now all I want to do is come home and play Borderlands. Don't know what it is about school that does it to me. Must be all the structure, and the idea that I have 5 months of videos about Windows 7 + Windows 8 to watch. Plus the fact that it's all just some really poorly dressed douchebag--who's probably never been with a women despite being 43--telling me in the same monotonous voice every last single fucking feature of Win7 + 8, and I'm just supposed to be able to absorb all this information that he's vomiting at me.

I hate just watching some fucker talk. It's no way to learn. At least there's the Unix System Administration class which should be interesting. Also the Security + Prep class. Although that teacher sucks at his job and will probably not teach or show us a thing in class, and instead just refer us to more videos of other poorly dressed gray skinned fucks talking in a way that somehow makes computer security utterly boring.

Hardware / Pi as a Modem AND Router
« on: January 09, 2014, 12:04:07 am »
So just out of curiosity, is there a way to plug an RG-6 cable into a raspberry pi? Or is there some kind of adapter that could help me achieve this. Either a pi or a laptop I guess.

The reason why I'm asking is because I've been using an old Motorola modem connecting to the coaxial cable which brings the signal into my house. From there I have a separate router. I'm not really living in the present I guess. Anyway, I'm planning on using either a pi, or an old laptop as my router, but I'm wondering if I can just cut out the middleman(the modem) and just use the aforementioned pi or laptop as a modem/router combination.

Because, I mean, who uses a standalone modem with a separate router anymore?

EDIT: More importantly, is it possible to use a Pi as a wifi router all on it's own at all? Everywhere I've read suggests that you configure the Pi to forward requests to the actual router

Hacking and Security / What the hell?
« on: January 04, 2014, 05:15:31 am »
Regrettably I'm posting here asking a rather mundane question, but I'm having this silly problem. Does wireshark not allow you to filter SSH packets anymore or something? I used to be able to just type 'ssh' into the filter and only my SSH packets would show up(go figure). Now this doesn't seem to be the case. See, I just want to analyze an SSH packet to make sure that I have the proper cipher set(blowfish). It used to be real easy. Add 'ssh' into the filter, then run ssh. Then analyze the packet and at the very bottom it would show what cipher is used and if compression is enabled.

Another thing I noticed, if I remove all filters and run SSH I don't even see SSH packets show up at all. Just TCP. So I'm confused.

Articles / Scientists Have Trapped Light
« on: January 02, 2014, 09:11:48 pm »
Scientists in Germany have succeeded in stopping light - the fastest thing in the universe - for a whole minute, smashing earlier records. 

Researchers at Darmstadt Technical University achieved the remarkable feat by trapping it in a crystal. 
In a paper published this month in the journal Physical Review Letters, the scientists explained how they stopped the light using a technique called electromagnetically induced transparency.

Politics & Religion / Why All The Snooping?
« on: January 02, 2014, 06:14:46 am »
Ok, so we've all been hearing and talking about NSA snooping and all that shit recently as it's a hot topic, and obviously it's not news or a secret, but I can't seem to answer myself this question. It may sound like a dumb one but just hear me out.

I was just reading this article:

I'll very briefly explain it a little. Basically it touches on topics about not just your ever popular phone and internet snooping, but it also states that cops all over the country(US) having license plate readers that snap pictures of every single cars license plate it sees. It also logs the location and date of the photo. They're doing this to build a shockingly accurate and detailed idea of our habits. Where you work, how often you leave the house, whom you may associate with based on whos house you go to, where you go to the doctor, and so forth. Not just cars registered to suspected criminals. Everyone. So, let's break it down real quick.

Information Collected on Citizens:

- What we talk about on the phone (Social life and personal affairs)
- What we browse (Our interests)
- Where we drive (Our daily habits)
- What we buy (needs no explaining)

So basically, literally everything there is to know about each and every one of us. Now at this point you're pretty ignorant if you believe the gov is looking for terrorists. I've read an interview of an NSA employee who says that 99.99% of the time they're just chasing down false leads and reading soccer mom chats. Here's my question:

What the fuck are they doing with all this information?

I know I know, it seems like a silly question right? But think about it. It's not like we are living in V for Vendetta where the NSA is just blackbagging everyone(I don't think). My point is, it doesn't actually seem like they are doing anything with all this information necessarily. It obviously isn't for the purpose of homeland security because as mentioned, they're aren't finding anything. They want to know what everyone is up to, but why exactly? Spying on innocent civilians doesn't actually seem to be benefiting them in any way that I'm noticing.

So, what the fuck?

Hacking and Security / Argue about Labs 2013
« on: December 15, 2013, 11:37:15 pm »
So, obviously I'm not an idiot, and I can figure out how to do things myself. Not necessarily asking for help here. I am kind of a poor guy but due to a few recent life changes I've found ways to aquire a bit more income then usual. So, I'm going to be getting some cheap equipment to set up a PHYSICAL pentesting lab at home. I stress physical because I realized that no matter where you look, or what keywords you use, it seems that all Google/Startpage/whatever has to offer is how to set up a virtual pentesting lab.

Google sucks, now back on topic.

I've got two routers at home, plus a modem(I know), and I'm going to be getting some more cables and a switch. Oh, I also have two laptops. Going to be setting up two different subnets using the routers and switch and putting one laptop on one, and the other on, well, the other one. I'm satisfied with this set up for a rudimentary testing lab, for now at least. What I really wanted to do with this thread is drool and envy over what you guys may have set up. I know some of you have some pretty intense gear.

So maybe this could be like a post your desktop thread, except maybe with a little less focus on pictures and more on specs and physical set up and whatnot. I sort of already explained mine. Other details:

RouterA -
- Windows Laptop
- Webserver
- Open Ports
- SSH client/server

RouterB -
- *Nix laptop
- SSH client/server
- Tools of the trade(wireshark, nmap, whathaveyou)

Obviously there isn't much else to explain. Certainly open up some ports on the Windows Laptop and go at it. Set up a webserver, SSH and all that. Then firewall it and blah blah. Anyone interested in sharing?

EDIT: Please, for the love of whoever, don't tell me I can do everything with a virtual machine and Kali or some other shit. Read my post before regurgitating all over the thread.

Projects and Discussion / LISP, who are you?
« on: December 15, 2013, 04:49:04 am »
Now that I'm finally done with school it's time for me to get back into doing what I want. One of those things I want to do is learn programming languages. Lots of them. Unfortunately for me it's only plausible to learn one or two at a time. So my ever potent ADD has directed me towards Lisp. That's right. Lisp. I'm sure there aren't many of you here but I know there's one or two people who have at least some experience with this particular language, so I wanted to start a discussion about it.

You see, I'm also interested in coding malware. I've read up a little on Lisp and if memory serves it seems that the general consensus is that Lisp is a good language to learn if you want to become a more well-rounded programmer, but that it's not a particularly practical language. I've also read that Lisp is good for AI programming, but I haven't seen much else.

I'm not asking if Lisp is a good programming language for writing malware, I'm mainly asking what kind of practical uses does Lisp have in general. Oh, and if you are overcome with the urge to vomit the popular phrase C/++ and ASM! all over this thread then please, see yourself to a toilet or the nearest garbage can. I'm well aware that those are good languages for coding malware as well as many other things. I can read too.

So, what practical uses does Lisp have? What kind of language is it in your opinions? Discuss.

General discussion / Good Quality Pre DVD Torrenting?
« on: December 09, 2013, 11:50:14 pm »
So I came to the conclusion quite awhile ago that the only way to download a good copy of a movie is to wait for it to come out on DVD, otherwise it's all bootleg. Obviously this makes sense I suppose, but for some reason I feel like I've talked to people who can get movies(in good quality) before they come out on DVD.

This is impossible right? Or is my subconscious onto something?

Hardware / PC Hardware School Final
« on: December 06, 2013, 07:37:36 am »
So, for the final for my PC Hardware class at school we have to assemble three computers using Newegg. Once we've done so we email the setups to the teacher. We are supposed to build regular desktop for general business purposes, a gaming rig, and a rig for mechanical engineering(I don't necessarily see the difference between a gaming rig and a rig for mechanical engineering considering they both require extra processing power and memory but whatever).

I have never had the pleasure of actually building my own computer as I've never accumulated enough money at once to do such a thing, so I just wanted to make sure I'm not missing anything. So, I'm going to tell you all the parts I "bought" and you will tell me if I'm missing anything, cool? Cool.

So for the regular desktop I've got:

- Case
- Mobo
- CPU + Heatsink
- Hard Drive
- Optical Drive
- Wireless NIC
- Power Supply


- Same as above
- Extra Fans
- SSD as well as HDD
- Sound card

Mechanical Engineering

- Aahhh fuck that
- Same as Gaming pretty much

So, am I missing anything? Thanks.

Game Hacking & Modding & Discussing / Retarded Racing Game Designers
« on: December 03, 2013, 07:37:53 am »
Alright, so I'm browsing the Xbox Marketplace for a couple of games because I have 50usd and a lot of the games are only 15usd even thought they are relatively new games. In particular, I'm looking for a racing game for me and my girlfriend to play together. In doing so I discovered something that I find to be absolutely fucking retarded.

Most racing games don't support 2 player vs.

This concept is completely fucking stupid to me. Why the fuck would you design a racing game that doesn't allow racing against a friend? If anything, racing games are the one genre I would imagine that would have EVERY game allow 2 player local vs. Seriously.

So, because I don't want to waste money and make a mistake buying a racing game that doesn't allow 2 player split screen vs. I figured I'd ask in our gaming section.

Criteria for the type of game I'm looking for:

- Detailed car customization
- Free roam
- The one criterion I've been bitching about this whole time.


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