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Programming newbies / Re: Starting programming?
« Last post by ColonelPanic on Today at 05:23:35 am »
1) Stop being lazy.
2) Write code.
3) Write more code.
4) Go back and look at the awful code you wrote in step 2. Unfuck it. Make it faster. Make it use less memory. Make it more secure. If it's a script, make it OOP. If it's OOP, try to make it procedural.
5) Repeat.

If you're stuck on the bullshit tutorials, pick something you're interested in and write a program that involves that subject. Make a system to catalog your music/movie/porn collection. Write a browser plugin that downloads YouTube videos, whatever. If you find yourself doing the same repetitive task, figure out how to automate it. It doesn't really matter what you write, just write code.

As a corollary to that last statement, try googling "best way to <do something> in <language>". Look at the options, and don't settle for the first half-assed answer you see. While that's fine for prototyping or getting your feet wet, there are often lots of problems with the basic examples. Find a faster, better, more secure way of doing it. Then, test that shit and find what breaks, and fix it. Supply invalid input. Break things, fix them, then learn how to prevent them from breaking again.

The answers are out there - you may have to search for specific answers, but you can pretty much write any program in any language by searching StackOverflow and the likes. Just google it.

"how to save to a file in <language>"
"how to parse HTML in <language>"

Learning a computer language is just like learning any other language. You can sit in class, read about it, and wish you were fluent all day long, but until you get out there and start using it, you'll never know shit.

Members introduction / Re: Hello all!
« Last post by trikkt on Today at 04:06:26 am »

Although stating you want to learn everything simply, there is no learning everything. We learn new things everyday and our knowledge continues to grow until the day we die and then get skull fucked by maggots. Simply put, there is no learn everything. Pick a goal and learn it. That is how you are going to proceed.

Within this forum there is a wealth of knowledge on many subjects, it would take multiple lifetimes to master. Let's make it more simple. Why did you register on Evilzone, what led you here. Did you come for programming? Cracking? Etc. There had to be a focus. Let's start there and you'll gain my seal.


I would like to get a general knowledge on the most common subjects within this website. Thank you for your interest.

Science / Re: physics
« Last post by shadowwolf on Today at 03:59:39 am »
Ah... Typical physics fag, it's called GOOGLE :P
I'm still attempting to figure out what this means. Who or what is this GOOGLE you speak of? Also what does "fag" mean or stand for? I'm pretty sure fag is not a word but is it an acronym for something? What is "it"? Please revise your sad excuse of a sentence fragment in order to properly get your meaning across.

Back on topic, school is finally out for me so I now have free time. I have been practicing the mathmatics in order to keep those skills fresh but I have not had time for much else for the past month due to how much work I had in shool. Now that it is summer I plan on continuing to to teach myself physics as well as beginning independent study in chemistry.
Programming newbies / Re: Starting programming?
« Last post by chris1 on Today at 03:45:45 am »
You should go get some pussy. Pussy fixes everything

This has in fact been confirmed by top scientists around the world.... Can't argue with the facts...
Science / Re: physics
« Last post by hyp3r on Today at 02:55:55 am »
Ah... Typical physics fag, it's called GOOGLE :P
Depends, Kali is surely great for begginers, and if u are not familiar with linux,  I would advise u to get a general purpose distro first like mint, Opensuse or Slackware. And when u are comfortable using Linux, install Kali. But u can still have Kali now as a Virtual machine just to help you learn :)
Found it on the Webs / Re: iPhone Crash / Reboot Exploit
« Last post by Rytiou on Today at 02:16:10 am »

fanboys be like
I hacked apple motherfucker! I can block your phone from anywhere in the world!

Thank you for quick response.

One more question : Should i start with Linux Kali ? I would use the computer only for hacking and nothing else... i have other computer for doing my professional work.
Members introduction / Re: Hi Every one this is F@ntom
« Last post by Khofo on Today at 01:57:30 am »
Well welcome, or whatever but I'll take this expression, as I am here I need attention. Rather than I am stupid so please talk correctly and pedo bear will rape u now since this is what I call a lame intro
Well, I was told to not be aggresive, so I'll answer nicely :)

First, the answer to your question is rather simple, in each board there is an intro srickied, indexes and such. So head to the programming board and there will be guidance to choose a language.
On Evilzone people hate the word mentor and even less hiring. I see u noticed that and made subtle references to the matter, just do not say it again. (I'll act like I did not read it)
When it comes to books and dvds, there is a large ebook section with an index, u can choose a book there and buy it if u insist.  Also the tutorial section is where I'll head first if I was you there is also video tutorials there.

U said u watched videos and read the thread about where to begin so no need to remind u, it's not the number of books or dvd's that'll get you somewhere :)
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