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Java / Re: [question] Java decompiler for exe
« Last post by Deque on Yesterday at 11:34:49 am »
Thank you very much for your response. I did it with no luck. Hope to see another solutions for this case. Cheer :)

Code: [Select]
C:\Users\buda\Downloads\jwscan>java -jar jwscan.jar SSH.exe

____ _  _ _ _    ___  ____ _  _ ____           _ _ _ _ ____ ____ ____ _  _
|___ |  | | |      /  |  | |\ | |___    __     | | | | [__  |    |__| |\ |
|___  \/  | |___  /__ |__| | \| |___          _| |_|_| ___] |___ |  | | \|
                             by Deque

scanning file ...

file name: SSH.exe

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: MALFORMED
        at Source)
        at Source)
        at Source)
        at Source)
        at scala.collection.TraversableLike$$anonfun$filter$1.apply(TraversableL
        at scala.collection.immutable.List.foreach(List.scala:318)
        at scala.collection.TraversableLike$class.filter(TraversableLike.scala:2
        at scala.collection.AbstractTraversable.filter(Traversable.scala:105)

Congrats and thank you for finding a bug in my program.
Here is a scan after correcting the bug:

Code: [Select]
scanning file ...

file name: Lazy SSH.exe

Signatures found:
* signature
* PZIP Magic Number (weak indication for embedded zip)

Entry point: 0x14f9b

ZIP/Jar offsets: 0x423a8, 0x105084

So you know now it was done with the tool jar2exe and you know two file offsets the jar is probably saved in.
If you are on windows you could give it a shot to just rename the .exe to .zip and try to open it with e.g. 7zip.
See if you can extract the .class files like that. If that doesn't work, you should try to cut the jar at the offsets specified and try to extract after. You can use my tool for doing so, but I have to upload the corrected version first.

Once you have the .class files decompiling them should be a piece of cake.

Write again if you have any problems.
Operating System / Re: (Link) A Guide to Writing Your Own Complete OS
« Last post by Factionwars on Yesterday at 11:09:47 am »
It looks like a fun practice for the summer :D Building a text based game or something


Or a rootkit preloader :D :D :D
eBooks / [PDF] Lockpicking Detail overkill / Next level
« Last post by Factionwars on Yesterday at 11:00:52 am »
A great tutorial on all the details which might or might not get you from a total noob lockpicker to a more aware picker. I am still using it but so far i enjoyed it and i liked the techniques.

The password to the PDF is evva3ks

Credits to Mike Gibsone for writing this.
eBooks / Android Hacker's Handbook
« Last post by noob on Yesterday at 10:41:47 am »

The first comprehensive guide to discovering and preventing attacks on the Android OS As the Android operating system continues to increase its share of the smartphone market, smartphone hacking remains a growing threat.
Hacking and Security / Re: Upload a shell by having mysql root pass
« Last post by aram2 on Yesterday at 09:15:06 am »
Thanks, But i can access to /usr/lib/ directory.
Is there any other way?

Members introduction / Re: Hello Forum
« Last post by Phage on Yesterday at 08:46:46 am »
Oh, you have a lot to learn programming wise if you just started Python. But stick by and I'm sure you'll see progress soon. If you feel like chatting with some of us, you should check out our IRC channel.
Operating System / Re: (Link) A Guide to Writing Your Own Complete OS
« Last post by DeepCopy on Yesterday at 08:26:17 am »
A few times, but AFAIK most projects didn't get very far...

Oh shit lol I forgot about that thread!!

I'd say go big or go home. Make a slim custom os that can easily run on a bb, ras pi, android, etc. Then add tools like aircrack, metasploit, etc.

Maybe make a custom os for techb's hardware project
Members introduction / Re: Hello Forum
« Last post by DeepCopy on Yesterday at 08:14:21 am »
Welcome time to visit the docs assistant in 34B for your exam
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