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Anonymity / Re: Anonymous Maximus - What would you do?
« Last post by proxx on Yesterday at 01:52:15 pm »
Ill hop on the boat.

The question here is hardly techical in nature since we can simply not know what lies beyond the horizon, security is fundamented on trust.
Since we trust the wrong stuff we are fucked.
Let SSL be an example , it has come forward that SSL auths where forced to give up the key's  etc etc.

To truly gain anonymity one will have to make sure that one can trust every single shackle in the chain.
This is simply not possible with untrusted hardware/software and infra.

Fully revised opensource hardware/drivers/software/infra would make for a good start.
Good to note that this is not completely out of reach.
(just a mindfart; a rasp with selfwritten OS/drivers and some self designed proto to use the wireless interface would approach the problem quite well)
Non of this is practical.

In the last year or 2 openSSL has been turned upside down and some serious flaws came forward, large scale code revisions turn up even more, more will show.
This is happening in broad daylight, just imagine what is going on behind the scenes and who could have known etc.
They discovered a couple of 'illegal' taps placed by the NSA among others on seriously large routing points, this is hardly suprising but this and the stuff about SSL being fucked pretty much means you just dumped x years of unencrypted data in the hands of others.
bank details/passwords etc etc etc.
What I am trying to say is that info about you is all over the place and this highly conflicts with being 'anonymous' , to be anonymous you must not have an identity.

Some say you are fucked when you plug the cable , I think you are fucked anyway.

Members introduction / Re: Glad to be here!
« Last post by white-knight on Yesterday at 01:47:53 pm »
Welcome to the forum. 
Make sure u read the stickies..

Being a Pentester isn't a long shot just put the time in, set a goal to become one and I'm sure you will.
Members introduction / Glad to be here!
« Last post by Cipherbo33 on Yesterday at 01:10:34 pm »
Hi there!

I'm a student of Computer Science at my local university. I am 25y/o.
What I really am starting to aspire too for my future career is the Security Sector. I know that pentesting for a career is a long shot, but who doesn't deserve to try RIGHT?

It will be a number of years until I complete my degree however I am interested in learning as much as my mind can absolutely consume before I enter the big bad world.

Cheers for reading (obvi if your here :)
eBooks / Re: Mastering Kali Linux for Advanced Penetration Testing
« Last post by reeaws on Yesterday at 12:48:00 pm »
Thank you.
Anonymity / Re: Anonymous Maximus - What would you do?
« Last post by deviant_sheep on Yesterday at 12:23:07 pm »
If the NSA wants to know where u are u are pretty much fucked and should find refuge in an embassy,
(or maybe for the FBI).

^this basically.  If you've already made enough noise as to have attracted the feds, or worse, the NSA, then its too late for anonymity.  If thats the case, even completely avoiding all electronic communications might not be enough to evade their watch. 

In your question you specified as anonymous as possible, so I'm going to try and think of, and apply as many levels of anonymity as I can think of.   
I would definitely start with booting a live distro, TAILS being the most efficient (most likely) as it has been designed from the ground up for privacy and anonymity.  Next you'll need to configure how you will connect to the outside world.  In this case since we're paranoid, so hop in the car and drive a few hours to a large metropolitan city (if you already live in one, then you might have to drive farther to find  another.) Once youve found a suitable city, purchase a prepaid creditcard with *cash.*    Before heading back home, find an open wifi network, or better yet hack an encrypted network (WEP is easy, WPA(2) with WPS would be a better choice.)  Once your connected to the internet (while booted into TAILS) rent a server, use fake name, address etc and pay with your prepaid creditcard. Make sure your server is located offshore, in a privacy friendly country like iceland, denmark, france or switzerland.  Configure a VPN server and TOR on your new box. Now you can go home.

Now you'll need to purchase a prepaid burner simcard and mobile hotspot, probably would have been a better idea to purchase that before you came home... thats not your fault though, your new to this so I'll let you off on that one.   Immediately once connected to your new hotspot, connect to your vpn and then out from your vpn through tor, to the internet. 

Once on the web,
NEVER use your real name for anything
NEVER tell personal stories or the like.. no matter how arbitrary and generic you think they are.
ALWAYS spread disinformation, make a back story for your alter ego and stick with it. 
NEVER order anything to your home address
NEVER communicate to personal friends or family while using your anonymous connection
ALWAYS disable javascript
NEVER install flash, or JAVA browser plugins
and lastly (because im getting tired)
ALWAYS use tor browser  (as opposed to a common browser set to use tor as a proxy) this is because tor browser emits the same fingerprint no matter what device its installed on so every tor user using a vanilla copy of tor will all give the same fingerprint. browser fingerprinting has  shown to be pretty accurate and  it seems the more you do to try and avoid this the more unique your fingerprint becomes in most cases (i could go into detail but browser fingerprinting is beyond the scope of this rant, but i suggest anyone that isnt familiar to read about it.)

Any way you could basically keep adding inifite layerrs of anonymity but the more you do, the more limitations you will encounter and  the less enjoyable your web experience becomes.  So what I suggest for anyone is to first determine exactly how much privacy and anonimity you require and go from there, and also don't forget that being so quiet on the web can attract attention on its own, so disinformation and alter ego's are a must.  Don't be TOO quiet.
Members introduction / Re: Friggitrice n0
« Last post by dotszilla on Yesterday at 11:45:08 am »
lol that just reminded me of POPCORN CHICKEN...

Welcome to EZ.. dont forget to read the stickys, before posting or you might just get flammed lol...
Found it on the Webs / Re: Nulled Script Site - Awesome for pirate Web devs
« Last post by dotszilla on Yesterday at 10:53:26 am »
huh i dont get it, i went there and it was just a buncha themes to download..
Projects and Discussion / Re: EZCAH Beastbot Module
« Last post by dotszilla on Yesterday at 10:44:04 am »
there you go.... funny thing, i had done it this way already since thats the way ya showed me on IRC, then i saw that post and edited it.. so i already had this format saved lol..

Code: [Select]
q ~ "my computer just got %b" ~ 1 ~ 0
q ~ "if i saw a bum with his junk out i would %b" ~ 1 ~ 0
q ~ "my girlfriend is mad at me because %b" ~ 1 ~ 0
q ~ "%b is the reason i hate %b" ~ 2 ~ 0
q ~ "i saw a %b in the bus and felt like %b" ~ 2 ~ 0
q ~ "the other day i took a HUGE %b" ~ 1 ~ 0
q ~ "i want to have %b with your %b" ~ 2 ~ 0
q ~ "%b people make the world go round" ~ 1 ~ 0
q ~ "after i root a server i usually %b" ~ 1 ~ 0
q ~ "if i was a super hero i would %b" ~ 1 ~ 0
q ~ "i've heard that %b is more secure than using windows" ~ 1 ~  0
q ~ "iam a %b with a VERY BIG %b" ~ 2 ~ 0
q ~ "i cant get %b out of my head." ~ 1 ~ 0
q ~ "i was into %b before it was cool" ~ 1 ~ 0
q ~ "i hope you get %b by %b" ~ 2 ~ 0
q ~ "i got 99 problem but a %b, aint one" ~ 1 ~ 0
Found it on the Webs / Sci-Hub - Pay walled research documents
« Last post by DeepCopy on Yesterday at 10:38:29 am » (currently down, alt. URL: )

The site is in Russian, but in the search bar type what you want to research and have free access to knowledge that should be free. Great resource when writing a paper. Say no to pay walls and use sci-hub for your research papers.

Knowledge... I need knowledge
Found it on the Webs / Nulled Script Site - Awesome for pirate Web devs
« Last post by DeepCopy on Yesterday at 10:35:33 am »

Direct Download Links, didn't see any ads on mobile as it looks like their revenue is from the download links (masked with a referrer, but I didn't see any ads)

Download premium templates and plugins for most major CMS systems for free

Awesome site
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