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5 Ways to Kill a Car
« on: October 31, 2012, 02:06:06 am »

                   rotherhood of Gds and etards
                               by MC5
                        "5 Ways to Kill a Car"
        The author of this text or the group is in no way responsible
for personal injury, property damage, death, dismemberment, or any other
harm caused by any idea's contained in this text.. These idea's are in
no way meant to be tried and are made solely for an educational purpose...
        OK, here is my first contribution for G, 5 ways to severly
damage, or completely destroy a car. This research was complied from
my many years as a gas station attendant...(G).

        1.) This one is a great for that person who thinks their car
is the fastest, COoLest, etc., because it will kill a motor in only
a few seconds. It is a simple one: all you need is a medium sized bag
of metal shavings, and a way under the hood. Once under the hood, all
you need to do is pour the shavings into the oil fill area, close it
up, and go home.
        This is great, because soon after the car has been started, and
the oil has started to flow throughout the engine, the metal shavings
will act like sandpaper; basicly, the rods and all other metal parts that
are going to recieve the "clean" oil will be ground down until either a
part falls off, or causes a rod knock. The only thing to do after this has
happened, is rebuild the motor.

        2.) This is one of my favorites; everyone wants higher octane
gasoline, and one way to increase octane levels in gasoline is by adding
mothballs to the mixture. The only problem is, if you add too many moth-
balls, and increase the octane level too much, it can cause the engine
to literly melt down, because the higher the octane, the hotter it will
        Well, this is the objective, put like a whole box into someones
gas tank (preferable when the tank is full, because people will not have
the intelligence to figure out that it was the gasoline, and you can see
it happen more that once to the same car), and watch you local service
center for their car, again, and again, and again...

        3.) Ahhh, a beautiful paint job on that assholes new car. Well,
a very quick, and easy way to ruin it, is by getting a full bottle of
brake fluid (DOT 3, like cars use), and pour it all over the body of the
car. In less that an hour (probably within 10-20 minutes), the paint and
the brake fluid will start to react together, and the paint will simply
"melt" off of the cars body. Actually, DOT 3 brake fluid will peel off
almost any paint on a hard surface, just pour and go, simple as that, and
hell, if you want to be fancy, you can probably make designs in the
paint job, Why not encrease your enjoyment.

        4.) Front brakes are resposible for 75% to 85% of braking on
all automobiles. Brakes on cars require friction to create the breaking
process, after the pressure has been applied to the brake pedal. Well,
one easy way to prevent the front brakes from working is to simply find a
car with sloted wheels, get a quart of oil, and pour it onto the brake pads.
They are easy to see, and if you can't see'em, just pour.
        After the oil gets a chance to soak in, and the person is out for
a nice little drive, the first time they have to stop will be fun! The brake
peddle will still have the same amount of pressure, but the brakes certainly
will not work as they should. They will just spin at the same speed, leaving
the rear brakes to do ALL of the work (which will take at least 3 times the
work), and the car will not stop as usual...BAM!!!

        5.) Slashing tires can sometimes be obvious, and if caught, it will
get you into some trouble, but there is another way to flaten someones tires
without being as obvoius. On the wheel, there will be a valve stem, and
inside the stem, the is a valve core, which holds the air in tire. The best
way to flaten a tire is to remove the valve core, and re-cap the stem; this
will slowly let all of the air out of a tire, which makes less noise, and is
a helluva lot less noticeable.
        All you will need is a small tool to un-screw the core from the valve
stem,...      (you can get one at ANY automotive parts store)
                        |________|   \_____________
  aprox.1/8"   --------> ________|    _____________|
                         will see the core once you unscrew the cap and look into the stem.
Now, all you have to do is slowly unscrew the core, once it is loose, hold it
in place, then quickly pull it out and lightly put the the cap back on.
        If done right, the air will be coming out, but at a slow enough rate
to not make any noise. If the person gets into the car soon enough, he might
not notice the low tires, which will destroy them if driven on, or if they
are totaly flat when the person comes out, when he looks for slash marks,
there will be none. Leaving them to think it was actually something he ran
over. Won't he feel dumb...

        Well, that is all I have for now, but look for more devious plots
and plans to ruin someones day with, coming soon...

G'n 94
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